Webmaster Joins College with headshot

Jen Elswick Joins Dean’s Staff as Webmaster

The College is delighted to introduce Jen Elswick as the new webmaster for the College of Humanities and Sciences. Jen comes to us from our own Department of Psychology where she has served in a number of roles for the past ten years. In her most recent position, she served as special projects and communications coordinator – a new role that supported a department experiencing exponential growth in terms of communications needs. In addition to publicity and social and print media production, Jen managed the main department website and created and maintained 12 additional websites for her department’s faculty research labs.

Jen says she is looking forward to working with all departments to establish a unified web presence that showcases our strengths as a College and honors each department’s unique contributions. One of her first projects has been establishing new web support guidelines and procedures. Soon she will be turning her attention to a complete site redesign for has.vcu.edu, which will include redesigned, complementary school/department templates.

Jen will also continue to serve as a Building Inclusive Communities facilitator for the VCU Division for Inclusive Excellence. In this role, she works with a team of peer facilitators to provide one-day and two-day workshops for the VCU community on fostering effective interactions between people and groups across a range of similarities and differences. Over the last year, she has had the opportunity to bring her passion for equity into her web design work by developing particular expertise in web accessibility – a necessary and important skill for university webmasters going forward and an important step toward equal access to information.

Jen earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Virginia and her master’s degree in adult learning from the VCU School of Education. Her husband Jason is clinical research activation coordinator in the VCU School of Medicine. Jen and Jason have two boys – Zeke, 17, and Brady, 14 – who are students at Mills Godwin High School in Henrico.

We would like to thank the members of the search committee for committing their time and energy to filling this position:

Gregg Johnson
Director of Communications
College of Humanities and Sciences

John Skaritza
IT Director
College of Humanities and Sciences

Scott Street
Associate Professor
Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research

Pam Arnold
Creative Director
University Marketing

Curtis Reisinger
Web CMS Administrator
Application Services