VCU Gardens for Life: Arbor Day 2011 – Ceremonial Tree Planting at Noon on April 29

Continuing with the Gardens for Life umbrella project, VCU Goes Green and Green Unity 4 VCU will plant a variety of trees to celebrate Arbor Day on Friday, April 29th. The ceremonial observance will include a discussion with horticulturalists and ecologists on the importance of trees, particularly in an urban setting.

The event will include a demonstration and discussion of proper planting technique, urban forestry, tree ecology, sustainability and the history of Arbor Day.  Expected group of panelists to include VCU Facilities Management, VCU Life Sciences, Richmond City Arborists, Richmond Tree Stewards, and more.

The event will take place at noon on Friday, April 29, on the southeast lawn of Harris Hall, near Main Street and Linden.

From Gardens for Life: Arbor Day 2011:  “We will be planting a few different species, but primarily the American Elm variety known as the Valley Forge cultivar. Check it out for its resistance to Dutch Elm’s Disease, a fungal infection which wiped out the American Elms in the middle of the twentieth century and eliminated the urban canopy of many American cities.”

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