Members of the Homecoming Court

The Road to Royalty

VCU’s Reigning Homecoming Queen and King both have majors in the College.

VCU Homecoming King Dean Lee and Queen Bethani Glover-Greaves both wear the crown, but the pair took two very different paths to earn it.

As former president of the Interfraternity Council and Resident Assistant for the past three years, Lee, a biology major and aspiring science teacher, began his campaign for King with a substantial base of support.

“In all honesty if I could attribute it to anything it would be RA-ing, because I’ve been an RA for three years now and so many of my previous residents or like people I’ve interacted with in the residence halls, they are everywhere,” Lee said.

With the help of his fraternity brothers, Lee spread the word about his campaign across the University.

VCU's Homecoming Court“George Washington and all them, they didn’t really campaign they had their friends campaign for them and so I was like, I’m gonna take a page out of the playbook of the Founding Fathers,” said Lee.

Meanwhile, our future queen was taking a more difficult route to earning her title. Despite the fact that she isn’t involved in Greek life and has only been at VCU for three semesters, Glover-Greaves, who is pursuing double majors in Health Sciences and Psychology, says she was determined to win the crown.

Candidates for Homecoming King and Queen at VCU are evaluated using a points system that incorporates candidate interviews, student votes, engagement with the community, and pageant and lip sync challenge scores to determine the ultimate winner of the title.

As a relative newcomer to the university, Glover-Greaves knew she was at a disadvantage to the other candidates who had spent years becoming ingrained in the community. However, she recognized that because of the points system used to judge candidates at VCU, popularity alone wasn’t enough to win the title. She therefore decided to meticulously record her scores in each category and use them to calculate a campaign strategy that would maximize her points and close the gap between her student vote score and the score of more well-known candidates.

“If I showed you my little journal you would think it was a math problem. I had literally everything laid out down to the pageant,” Glover-Greaves said.

Homecoming QueenAt every stage of the campaign Glover-Greaves says she tried to think outside the box and impress the judges with her school spirit. She stood out from the other candidates during the pageant by wearing a bright yellow jumpsuit covered in VCU buttons, and she wowed the judges with choreography borrowed from VCU’s CompleX modeling troupe to reinforce her lip sync performance. Still, it was a close race.

“When they crowned me I started crying, because all my hard work paid off,” said Glover-Greaves.

As Homecoming Queen, Glover-Greaves hopes to be a good representation of the VCU community and to bring that community closer together, through shared events and projects across the university.

“I want to intertwine different clubs. I feel like we’re diverse but then sometimes we’re separate, so I want to bring everyone together,” Glover-Greaves said.

Written by Megan Schiffres