Catalyst and Seed Awards

Congratulations to Our Seed Award Recipients

The College is pleased to announce our Seed Awards for 2018. The Seed awards were established to foster the development of successful grant proposals and nationally or internationally peer-reviewed scholarly and/or creative works. The following College faculty are lead investigators on funded projects that will receive awards of up to $5000.

Katherine Belecki, Chemistry
Immobilization of an Engineered Biocatalyst

Lesley Bullock, Biology
Using DNA barcoding to measure diet variation of a riparian consumer

Victor Chen, Sociology
Entrepreneurial Culture and Learning in the Modern Economy

Jeanine Guidry, Robertson School
#Social4Health: Promoting College Student Social and Mental Wellbeing using Social Media

Christine Cynn, Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
‘A Witness of My Time’: Visual Arts, AIDS, and the Archive

William Eggleston, Biology
Molecular analysis of loss of canalization and habituation in maize

G. Antonio Espinoza, History
Civilizers of the People: The Teachers of Lima, 1821 – c. 1921

Robert Godwin-Jones, World Studies
Reframing the Grimm Fairy Tales

Catherine Ingrassia, English
Women, Authorship, and Failure

Karen Kester, Biology
Save the wasps! Maintaining productive collaborations and nurturing future funding opportunities

Douglas Kimemia, Political Science
Organizational Culture and Ethical Practices Among NGOs in Kenya

Bernard Means, World Studies
3-D Digital Ice Age Mastodon and Mammoth Skeletal

Brooke Newman, History
Subjects of the Crown: Slavery, Emancipation and the British Monarchy, 1760- 1860

Terry Oggel, English
The Shaping of Mark Twain’s Literary Immortality

Joseph Reiner, Physics
Zeptoliter pH sensing from metallic cluster ligand dynamics

Suzanne Ruder, Chemistry
Analysis of representational competency in students’ understanding of organic chemistry

Brandi Summers, African American Studies
Black in Place: The Spatial Aesthetics of Race in a Post-Chocolate City

Scott Vrana, Psychology
Latent Semantic Analysis: A new tool to assess physician-patient communication quality

Sarah Williams, Forensic Science
Utility of optical tweezers for cell separation of forensic evidence

Dexian Ye, Physics
Development of Ion Source with Nanofabricated Nanotip Arrays for Ambient Mass Spectrometry