Slave Breeding

Meet our Authors: Gregory D. Smithers

October 8, 2014

Gregory D. Smithers, Associate Professor of History, will talk about his new book, Slave Breeding: Sex, Violence, and Memory in African American History (University Press of Florida, 2013)

Humanities Research Center
Valentine House, Seminar Room 201
920 W. Franklin Street

In this bold and provocative book, Gregory Smithers investigates how African Americans have narrated, remembered, and represented slave-breeding practices. He argues that while social and economic historians have downplayed the significance of slave breeding, African Americans have refused to forget the violence and sexual coercion associated with the plantation South. Smithers sheds much-needed light on African American collective memory, racialized perceptions of fragile black families, and the long history of racially motivated violence against men, women, and children of color.