Ishita Purohit Wins French Embassy’s LabCitoyen Youth Travel Grant

French minor Ishita Purohit is one of four winners from America who will be attending the French Embassy’s LabCitoyen Youth Travel Grant Program this summer. Every year, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites the young people of the whole world to gather and interact to promote the French language as language of debate and action on the big questions of our time. Only four students from the U.S. were chosen; those who have learned French and displayed a public commitment and interest in human rights were selected to attend a ten day cultural stay in France from Saturday, July 6th to Tuesday, July 16th, 2013.

This year’s theme is “Human Rights in the 21st Century: Act now to shape tomorrow.” The program will focus on the rights of women and girls, political freedom, freedom of speech, and minority rights. As Europe celebrates in 2013 the 30th anniversary of the abolition of death penalty in the Union, the LabCitoyen program will also emphasize the issues of capital punishment.

Ishita is passionate about social justice and fluent in French. Her certification at the B2 level on the Paris Chamber of Commerce exam in Fall 2011 was a factor in the decision to award her the grant. Dr. Patricia Cummins, a professor in the School of World Studies, was instrumental in helping Ishita with the application process. Congratulations to Ishita on her prestigious award!

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Written by Denise Johnson