Go For It

Go For It! Program for Student Entrepreneurs

Students in the Humanities and Sciences can take their business ideas to the next level with our “Go For It!” pre-accelerator program. The Go For It! program will provide financial support to entrepreneurial students who have promising business ideas and the ambition to launch their own companies. The program will provide qualifying students in the College of Humanities and Sciences with a stipend of up to $5,000 in private funds over the summer to take part in an intensive program that aims to help them develop their business plans and get their companies or products off the ground.

“Creating your own job by being an entrepreneur requires both passion and taking personal risks,” said Dean Jim Coleman. “But many VCU students don’t have the financial flexibility to take an entrepreneurial jump… We hope that the Go For It! program will provide just enough of a safety net for passionate and driven students to take the jump and to learn how to start a business by doing.”

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