PresidentialResearch Quest Fund Awardees

Four From the College Receive PeRQ Awards

Four faculty members from the College of Humanities and Sciences have been selected to receive funding through VCU’s Presidential Research Quest Fund. The fund is used to provide VCU faculty internal funding to support new, emerging or continuing research.

The four members of our faculty are:

  • Jason Reed (Physics):  Radiosensitivity in Caucasians and African Americans as Measured by High Speed Live Cell Interferometry (with Ross
    Mikkelsen from the School of Medicine)
  • Suzanne Robertson (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics) and Lesley Bulluck (Biology):  Modeling West Nile virus: The importance of the
    avian nesting curve
  • John Ryan (Biology):  IL-10 has Unexpected Pro-Inflammatory Effects on IgG-mediated Inflammation

The VCU Presidential Research Quest Fund demonstrates the President’s commitment to develop and enhance faculty scholarship across the University. The fund addresses three initiatives in the University’s Quest 2025: Together We Transform Strategic Plan: 1) increasing and diversifying the university’s sponsored research; 2) increasing productivity in high impact and translational research; and, 3) increasing interdisciplinary research.