The CHS Staff Council sponsors four staff awards to eligible members of our staff.

Award Descriptions and Previous Award Winners

CHS Customer Service Award

Any staff member who displays the highest level of Customer Service within their unit or program.

Criteria – provides excellent customer service to faculty, staff and visitors, is passionate about helping others, goes above and beyond his/her normal duties, and is a dedicated team player who exudes excellence in the work place.


  • 2018 – Frances Lynch, Robertson School of Media and Culture
  • 2017 – Corey Martin, Psychology
  • 2016 – Lucy Hudson, Statistical Sciences and Operations Research
  • 2015 – Virginia Schmitz, English
CHS Leadership Award

Any staff member who exudes Excellence in Leadership within their unit or program.

Criteria – the staff member should be recognized for outstanding and effective interactions with all internal and external constituencies, possesses excellent communication skills, maintains exceptional work habits and ethics, is a successful team builder, provides excellence in stewardship of institutional resources, and who continues to enhance his/her skills base.


  • 2018 – Michelle Carpenter, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
  • 2017 – Andrea Moreau, Chemistry
  • 2016 – Kathleen Murphy, History
  • 2015 – Edith Allin, Chemistry and Forensic Science
CHS Impact Award

Any staff member who has made a notable and positive Impact within their unit or program.

Criteria – performs exceptional work on a project or task above and beyond his/her regular duties, is a team player, and who exudes excellence in the work place.


  • 2018 – Tim Millican, Department of Biology
  • 2017 – John Hutton, Dean’s Office
  • 2016 – Kelsey Steenburgh, School of World Studies
  • 2015 – Ramont Reed, HASTech
CHS Dedication Award

​Any staff member who has a long-standing commitment of 20 years or more with the University.

Criteria – the staff member must currently be working within the College of Humanities & Sciences, exudes Excellence in Leadership, has a High Level of Customer Service, and who has made a notable and positive Impact within their unit or program.

  • 2018 – Patsy Connors, Dean’s Office
  • 2017 – Stephanie Millican, Biology


Nomination Instructions:
​To nominate someone​ you will be asked to describe the nominee’s qualities in the following areas, using specific examples for each:

  • Professionalism
  • Dependability
  • Responsiveness
  • Loyalty/Dedication to the mission and goals of the department and College
  • Respect and Inclusive Excellence
  • Integrity and Ethics
  • Additional Comments (optional)

You will also be asked to submit a letter(s) of support (maximum of 3 total) from peers, coworkers, supervisors, departmental/divisional heads or administration, that you would like the awards selection committee to review.

All of the nomination information, to include letters of support, must be compiled into 1 PDF document, and the name of the award must appear in the subject line.

We look forward to receiving many nominations this year. Thank you for your time and consideration.