The Faculty Council represents the faculty of the College and serves as an advisory to the dean on issues of concern to the faculty, such as graduate and undergraduate curricula, programs, evaluation and improvement of instruction, information technology, awards and honors, tenure and promotion, the faculty bylaws and teaching and research grants.

2018-19 Meeting schedule

August 20 (2018-19 strategic planning retreat)
September 17
October 15
November 19
December 17
January 21
February 18
March 18
April 15
May 20


2017-18 Minutes
2018 February Extraordinary Meeting Faculty Council Minutes
2018 February Faculty Council Minutes
2018 January Faculty Council Minutes
2017 December FC Minutes
2017 November FC Minutes
2017 October FC Minutes
2017 September FC Minutes

2015-16 Minutes
2015 December FC Minutes
2015 November FC Minutes
2015 October FC Minutes
2015 September meeting cancelled

2014-15 Minutes
2015 May FC Minutes
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2017-18 Membership

Christopher Burdett, Department of Political Science
CHSFC President

Sarah Seashols-Williams, Department of Forensic Science
CHSFC Secretary

Indika Arachchige, Department of Chemistry
CHSFC Parlimentarian

Fernando Tenjo, Department of Biology
2016-17 CHSFC President

Edward Boone, Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research

Christine Cynn, Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies

Daniel Cranston, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Charlene Crawley, Interdisciplinary Science Program

Robert Gains, Department of Military Science and Leadership

Jesse Goldstein, Department of Sociology

Mignonne Guy, Department of African American Studies

Michael Hall, Department of English

Natasha Long, Robertson School of Media and Culture

Kathryn Murphy-Judy, School of World Studies, LSEE, Technology Representative

Joseph Reiner, Department of Physics

Matthew Scott, Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences

Greg Smithers, Department of History

Michael Southam-Gerow, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, GAC Representative

Scott Street, Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research, Faculty Senate Representative

Joseph Topich, Department of Chemistry, UAC Representative

Michael Valdman, Department of Philosophy

Marcia Winter, Department of Psychology

Other members will include:
Adjunct member
Retired faculty member