Upcoming Events

    HRC Fall 2017 Speaker Series: Junot Diaz

    <em>Tuesday September 12, 2017</em>

    A Public Reading by Junot Díaz, Winner of the Pulitzer Prize...

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    HRC Fall 2017 Speaker Series: Diane Apostolos-Cappadona

    Monday September 25, 2017

    Professor Emerita of Religious Art and Cultural History
    and Haub...

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    School of World Studies Fourth Foreign Languages Poetry Reading

    Tuesday, April 18
    5:00-6:30 PM
    Hibbs Auditorium 403

    School of World Studies...

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    Blake Lecture: Ghosts and the Conversion of Europe

    Thursday, April 20
    7:30 PM
    James Branch Cabell Library, Room 303
    901 Park Ave., Richmond,...

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    Humanitarianism x Environmentalism

    Wednesday, April 19
    7-9 PM
    Academic Learning Commons Room 1107
    1000 Floyd Ave


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    Objects of Devotion: Religion at the Nation's History Museum

    Tuesday, April 11, 2017
    Cabell Library Lecture Hall, 901 Park Avenue

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Recent Events:

    Christine Darden to Speak at VCU

    Friday, April 7th, 4:00 PM
    Academic Learning Commons 1107

    Christine Darden, Ph.D., a retired...

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    Queer Brown Voices

    February 28th
    4pm — 6pm
    Grace Street Theater, 934 W. Grace Street

    "The feminist racial...

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    HRC Spring 2017 Speaker Series: Emma Smith

    What's It Worth? Shakespeare's Value Then and Now

    Wednesday, March 15, 2017


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    Under the hijab and the kippah: Muslims and Jews in a divided America

    February 24, 2017, 3 - 4:30 pm
    Academic Learning Commons
    1000 Floyd Ave, Room 2201 Read More

    America’s First Catholic President

    March 22, 2017 1:30 PM
    Richmond Salons III-IV
    University Student Commons

    America’s First Catholic...

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    Meet VCU's Authors: Brian Daugherity

    January 25, 2017

    Brian Daugherity, Assistant Professor of History, will talk about his new...

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    Spring 2017 Speaker Series: Ayanna Thompson

    Is Shakespeare Beyond Race?

    February 1, 2017

    Ayanna Thompson, Professor of English, George...

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    GerryRigged: Turning Democracy on Its Head

    Monday, February 13th, 2017

    Bill Ogelsby, Assistant Professor of Journalism in the Robertson School,...

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    Meet VCU's Authors: Tressie Cottom

    February 22, 2017

    Tressie Cottom, Assistant Professor of Sociology, will talk about her new...

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    Geofuturism and Environmentalism Event

    Friday, December 2nd
    2:00 - 4:40pm and 5:00 to 6:30pm
    The Depot
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  • Ballot Box
    Election Fest 2016

    November 8, 2016
    10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    Student Commons Plaza


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    HRC Speaker Series: Dr. Daniel Wildcat

    September 8, 2016

    “Exercising Indigenuity: The Role of Indigenous Knowledges in...

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    Meet VCU's Authors Series: David Coogan

    September 28, 2016
    7:00 pm
    Multipurpose Room, Second Floor (Rm. 250),...

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    LGBTQ @ VCU: Trials and Triumphs, 1974-76: The Struggle for Recognition of VCU’s First Gay Student Group

    Tuesday October 4 at noon
    Cabell Library Lecture Hall, 901 Park...

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    HRC Speaker Series: Dr. Deborah McGregor

    October 6, 2016
    5:00 pm
    Globe 1030J, 830 W. Grace...

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    Meet VCU’s Authors: Isabelle Richman

    October 12, 2016
    7.00 pm

    Multipurpose Room, Second Floor (Rm. 250),...

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    LGBTQ @ VCU: Students, Sodomy, and the State: LGBT Campus Struggles in the 1970s

    Thursday October 13 at 4pm
    Richmond Salons I & 2, University...

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    LGBTQ @ VCU: A Conversation with Billie Jean King

    Thursday October 27 at 6pm
    Siegel Center

    Billie Jean...

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    HRC Speaker Series: Dr. Clint Carroll

    November 3, 2016
    5:00 pm
    Globe 1030J, 830 W. Grace...

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    Meet VCU's Authors Series: Cliff Edwards

    November 9, 2016
    7:00 pm
    Multipurpose Room, Second Floor (Rm. 250), Cabell Library

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  • Alan Gallay
    Native American History Month Speaker

    November 14, 4:00 PM
    Student Commons Virginia Rooms C&D

    Alan Gallay, Lyndon B....

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    The Politics of Labor

    November 17th, 1:00PM
    Student Commons, Richmond Salons III-IV

    Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies...

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  • Cabell First Novelist
    Cabell First Novelist Award

    November 17, 7:00 PM
    Cabell Library, room 303

    Angela Flournoy, the winner...

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  • Alexandrian Society Lecture
    2016 Alexandrian Society Lecture

    November 22nd, 3:00 PM
    Student Commons, Forum Room

    The Alexandrian Society welcomes Dr. Maboula Soumahoro...

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    The Role of Museums in Addressing Healing, History and Culture

    Thursday, April 7th, 2016
    11:30 AM - 1:00 PM, VCUArts Depot

    African American...

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  • Nguyen
    Refiguring Gender in Global Health

    Tuesday, March 29, 2016. 3 pm
    University Commons, Virginia Rooms C & D
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  • Migration
    Teach-in on the European Migration Crisis

    Thursday, March 24, 2016
    7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

    VCU International Studies...

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  • Research to Rehab
    Research to Rehab

    COBE & VCU Life Sciences Present:


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  • College of Humanities and Sciences
    CHS Staff Professional Development Workshop

    Wednesday, March 16th
    9:00am - 12:00pm noon

    On behalf of the Dean's...

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    Elske v.P. Smith Lecture Announced

    Friday, March 25th, 2016 at 1:00pm

    The College presents this spring's Elske v.P. Smith...

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  • Humanities Research Center
    HRC Speaker Series: Richmond and HIV/AIDS

    February 9, 2016

    “Richmond and HIV/AIDS: A Panel Discussion on Our City’s History of...

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  • Humanities Research Center
    HRC Speaker Series: Phill Wilson

    February 23rd, 2016

    “Left Behind: Ending AIDS in Black Communities in America”


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  • Humanities Research Center
    HRC Speaker Series: Jennifer Brier

    February 29th, 2016

    “HIV+ Women’s Oral Histories, Or, What Can a Humanist Tell Us...

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  • Humanities Research Center
    Meet VCU's Authors: Victor Chen

    March 24th, 2016

    Victor Chen, Assistant Professor of Sociology, will be talking about...

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  • Humanities Research Center
    Meet VCU's Authors: Jason Arnold

    February 17th, 2016

    Jason Arnold, Associate Professor of Political Science, will talk about...

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  • Humanities Research Center
    Meet VCU's Authors: Nicholas Frankel

    February 3rd, 2016

    Nicholas Frankel, Professor of English, will talk about his work...

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  • Darwin Day
    17th Annual Darwin Day

    17th Annual Darwin Day
    Friday, February 12th

    The Graduate Organization Of Biology Students,...

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    Psychology Distinguished Speaker Series

    Thursday, Feb. 25 at 12:00pm, Psychology will welcome Barbara Fiese, Ph.D., as the...

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    2015 December Diploma Ceremonies

    Congratulations to all of our upcoming graduates!  If you haven't already done so please make...

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    Alexandrian Society Fall Lecture

    The Alexandrian Society will hold their annual fall lecture on Wednesday Dec. 2nd...

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  • Eiffel Tower
    Les attentats de Paris du 13 novembre 2015 en contexte

    Paris attacks of November 13, 2015 presented in context.
    November 23, 2015 from 6:00-7:15...

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    14th Annual VCU Cabell First Novelist Award

    Tuesday, Nov. 10th at 7:00pm

    Boris Fishman is this year's winner of the...

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    Philosophy & Public Affairs Lecture

    Tuesday, Nov. 10th 7:00pm in Room 403 of Hibbs Hall

    Philosophy will...

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  • Humanities Research Center
    Teaching in the Humanities - Humanities Research Center Workshop

    Wednesday, Nov. 11th at 2:00PM at the Humanities Research Center, Room 201

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    Conclusion of Humanities Research Center's Fall 2015 Speaker Series

    Wednesday, Nov. 18th

    On November 18, Nicole Myers Turner, who has just accepted...

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    Mathematics Colloquium Friday, Oct. 23rd

    The Mathematics Department Colloquium will be Friday, Oct. 23rd, from 2:00 - 2:50pm,...

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  • Furstenberg
    When the United States Spoke French

    Thursday, October 29, 2015
    Academic Learning Commons,
    100 Floyd Avenue, Room 2100

    VCU College...

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  • Faculty Scholarship Recognition 2014-15
    Faculty Scholarship Recognition Day Talks

    October 21, 2015
    Student Commons Forum Room

    1:00 pm
    Scott Gronert, Professor of Chemistry Read More

  • We Are Subjects of History
    We Are Subjects of History

    September 29, 2015

    The Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies invites all staff,...

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  • Cornel West
    HRC Speaker Series: Cornel West

    September 3, 2015

    “Invoking Our Collective Memory”

    On September 3, Cornel West, one of...

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  • Merlock Jackson
    HRC Speaker Series: Kathy Merlock Jackson

    September 10, 2015

    Song and Story in Disney’s Song of the South

    On September 10, Kathy...

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  • William Maxwell
    HRC Speaker Series: William J. Maxwell

    October 13, 2015

    “F.B. Eyes: How J. Edgar Hoover’s Ghostreaders Framed African American Literature” Read More

  • K Green
    HRC Speaker Series: Kristen Green

    October 19, 2015

    “Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County: A Family, A...

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  • Django Unchained
    Django Unchained: Screening and Panel Discussion

    October 27, 2015

    Django Unchained is Quentin Tarantino's most commercially successful and perhaps his most...

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  • Nicole Myers Turner
    HRC Speaker Series: Nicole Myers Turner

    November 18, 2015

    "Powering the Pulpit: Religion, Race, and Politics in Post-Emancipation Virginia"


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    African American Studies Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series: Adam Ewing

    March 23
    12:30-2 pm
    Depot Studio, 2nd Floor

    African American Studies Distinguished...

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    Remembering Claudia Emerson

    March 23 
    7 pm
    Grace Street Theatre

    VCU will remember the late Claudia Emerson,...

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    The Prism of Marriage: Gender and Sexuality in American Muslim Communities

    March 26 
    Harris Hall 101

    Professor Juliane Hammer, Department of Religious Studies, University of...

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  • Tarynn Witten
    2014-15 STS Lecture Series: Tarynn Witten

    March 27
    4 - 5:30 pm
    Academic Learning Commons, Room 1105

    Tarynn Witten, VCU

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    2015 Mary E. Kapp Lecture

    April 7
    6:30 p.m.
    Academic Learning Commons, rm 2201

    Dr. James M....

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  • Marcia Powell Festival
    Marcia Powell Festival of Religion and the Arts

    April 9 – 12, 2015
    Various locations around Virginia Commonwealth University and Richmond
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    2014-15 STS Lecture Series: Carolyn Finney

    April 10
    6:00 - 7:30 pm
    Academic Learning Commons, Room 1201

    Carolyn Finney, Assistant Professor...

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    The Fertile Crescent: Gender, Art, and Society

    April 10
    Academic Learning Center 1107

    Professor Ferris Olin, founding Co-Director of the...

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    Institute for Women’s Health Event: Le Couteau Brûlant (The Burning Knife)

    April 13
    5 pm
    830 West Grace St., Rm. 1030J

    A presentation and discussion...

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    AKD at VCU Presents: A lecture by Michael Kimmel

    April 15
    5 pm
    The Commons Theater

    With the recent furor over Title IX...

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    Philosophy and Public Affairs Lecture Series: Christian Miller

    April 23, 7 pm
    NEW LOCATION: Academic Learning Commons, Room 2104
    1000 Floyd Avenue


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  • M. Samy El-Shall
    CHS Elske vP Smith Lecture: M. Samy El-Shall

    April 21
    6.30 pm
    VCU Student Commons Theater

    CHS Elske vP Smith Lecture features...

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    African American Studies Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series: Dr. Rick Kittles

    April 17
    7 pm
    1000 Floyd Avenue, Room 1102

    African American Studies Distinguished Scholar...

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  • College of Humanities and Sciences
    Diploma Ceremonies

    May 8th

    Chemistry - 6 PM, Greater Richmond Convention Center, Exhibit Hall C


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  • Hannah
    Spring 2015 Computer Class

    May 30, 2015
    8:15 am - 4:00 pm

    The Department of Statistical Sciences and...

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  • Kabaret
    History Department presents "Cabaret"

    Friday, March 20th at noon (run-time 124 min.)
    History Department conference room

    Guest Presenter:...

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    Philosophy and Public Affairs Discussion on Sexual Assault

    March 19
    7 pm
    W.E. Singleton Center for the Performing Arts

    The Philosophy and...

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    Is Iraq Lost? If So, Who Lost It?

    March 18
    7 pm
    Academic Learning Commons, Room 2104.

    Former Obama administration intelligence official...

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    The Crisis of Islamic Masculinities & City of Borders

    March 19
    3.30 pm
    The Forum Room, Student Commons

    The Humanities Research Center...

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    Social Psychology: Self Regulation

    February 18, 2015
    Commons Theater

    A social psychology talk, New Directions in Self-Regulation...

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    HRC Speaker Series: Jesus Escobar

    January 28
    3:30 pm
    Valentine House

    Professor Escobar publishes scholarship on the art, architecture,...

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    Visiting Writers Series: Stephen Dunn & Barbara Hurd

    January 29
    7 pm
    Scott House

    Stephen Dunn Lines of Defense Barbara Hurd Putting an Ear to...

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    Meet our Authors: G. Antonio Espinoza,

    February 4, 2015

    G. Antonio Espinoza, Associate Professor of History and author of...

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    VCU Mathematics Colloquium: Prof. Martin Golubitsky

    Friday, February 6
    3 pm
    Academic Learning Commons 2201

    Patterns of Phase-Shift Synchrony:...

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    Meet our Authors: Christopher A. Brooks

    Rescheduled for a later date due to weather. Details TBD.

    Christopher A....

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    Anthropology Speaker Series: Terri Simmons-Ehrhardt

    December 5, 2014
    3:00 - 4:30 pm
    Student Commons Theater

    Terri Simmons-Ehrhardt, instructor in...

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  • Wecker
    Cabell First Novelist Program

    November 4th, 7 pm
    W.E. Singleton Center for the Performing Arts
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  • College of Humanities and Sciences
    World War I and the African-American Freedom Struggle

    November 5, 4 pm
    VCU Commons Theater

    The Alexandrian Society presents...

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  • Katherine Sanders Nash
    Meet Our Authors: Katherine Saunders Nash

    November 5, 7.30pm
    Valentine House, Seminar Room 201

    Katherine Saunders Nash, Associate Professor of English,...

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  • Rose O'Toole
    Wellgonomics: How You Move Matters

    November 13, 10:00 am
    University Student Commons, Virginia Rooms

    A WellGonomics Workshop is scheduled...

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  • Herschback

    November 13th, 6:30 -7:30 p.m.
    Hibbs Hall Room 303

    Glimpses of Chemical Wizardry
    Dr. Dudley...

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  • Jasanoff
    Annual Society of the Cincinnati Lecture - features Prof. Maya Jasanoff

    November 13, 5:30 pm
    Academic Learning Commons. Room 2104


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  • Hearts and Minds
    "Hearts and Minds (1974)"

    November 14, 1 pm
    811 S. Cathedral Place, Conference Room

    Department of History...

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  • College of Humanities and Sciences
    Anthropology Speakers' Series - Alison Broach

    November 14, 3:00-4:30 PM
    Commons Theater

    Alison Broach on Dying Language, Endangered Family: How Ancestral Voices...

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  • College of Humanities and Sciences
    Annual Crenshaw Lecture - features Megan Taylor Shockley

    November 19, 12-1:30 pm
    VCU Student Commons, Richmond Salons I, II, Second Floor


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  • Anne Helmrich
    Speaker Series: Anne Helmrich

    November 20, 2014
    3:30 pm

    Anne Helmreich, Senior Program Officer at the Getty Foundation...

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  • College of Humanities and Sciences
    Department of History Chew & View Film Series - "Frankenstein (1931)"

    October 31, 1 pm
    811 S. Cathedral Place, Conference Room

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  • Lewton
    Anthropology Speakers' Series -- Kristi L. Lewton

    The School of World Studies presents Kristi L. Lewton, Boston University School of Medicine, on...

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  • Humanities Research Center
    Humanities Research Center Workshop

    Christopher Rogers, Editorial Director at Yale University Press, will lead a workshop on strategies for...

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  • Dobbbins
    The Political Science Department presents James Dobbins

    October 22
    7 p.m.
    Academic Learning Commons, Rm. 1107

    The Political Science Department presents...

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  • Slave Breeding
    Meet our Authors: Gregory D. Smithers

    October 8, 2014

    Gregory D. Smithers, Associate Professor of History, will talk...

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  • Ryan Smith
    Meet our Authors: Ryan K. Smith

    September 24, 2014

    Ryan K. Smith, Associate Professor of History and author of...

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