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Eggleston, William

As Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs, Bill works in the Office for Faculty Affairs in the College of Humanities and Sciences, and works with the College’s promotion and tenure processes, faculty awards and recognition, faculty self-governance policies and practices, faculty development and mentoring, and faculty work-life enhancement. Among his top priorities for working with faculty are support, development opportunities, and recognition for Term faculty, mentoring junior faculty, and innovations in faculty work-life strategies.

Bill is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Biology and formerly a Chair of the Department of Forensic Science. For two years he served as the Director for VCU’s Integrative Life Sciences PhD program.

His research focuses on using fruit flies and maize to study transposable element impacts on gene and genome structure and function, homologous recombination and DNA repair, gene silencing, and phenotypic plasticity. Over the span of his career, Bill’s research has been published in many of the discipline’s top journals, including Genetics, Plant Molecular Biology, Cell, and Nature. Just prior to assuming the role of Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs, Bill completed two years of service as a Rotating Program Director (VSEE) for two areas of research in the Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences at the National Science Foundation, including the Genetic Mechanisms Cluster and the Systems and Synthetic Biology Cluster.