College of Humanities and Sciences

Biology Seminar Schedule: Spring 2013

Seminars are held on Mondays from 12 – 12:50 pm in room 4084 Oliver Hall. Please contact James Vonesh at for more information.

Jan 14 & 21 – No Seminars

Jan 28 – – Introduction to BIOL Seminar series: What makes a good Biology seminar? by Seminar committee (Vonesh, Fine, Moore). Students enrolled in BIOL Seminar class ONLY

Feb 4 – Dr. Elizabeth Blood  (Host: Dr. Don Young) – National Science Foundation – “ NEON – disruptive technology that will change the culture of research and transform Biology into a “macrosystems” science.”

Feb 8 – DARWIN DAY speaker: Dr. Scott Edwards, Harvard University,

Feb 11 – Roland Kays (Dr. James Vonesh) – Director, Lab of Biodiversity and Earth Observation, Nature Research Center, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences,  Professor, North Carolina State University– “Movement Ecology: Animating the Planet with Tracking Data”;  

Feb 18 – Dr. Eric Walters (Dr. Lesley Bulluck) – Old Dominion University – “The influence of ecological conditions on helping behavior in the cooperatively breeding acorn woodpecker”

Feb 25 – Dr. Susannah Gal (Host: Dr. Bill Eggleston) – National Science Foundation – “Measuring changes in DNA binding of the tumor suppressor p53”

March 11 – James Reilly (Dr Derek Johnson) Cornell and Rutgers Universities, “Predatory birds facilitate disease transmission in the gypsy moth”

March 18 – Dr. Budhan Pukazhenthi (Dr. Carmen Rodriguez) – Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, “Management of endangered species in captivity and the role of reproductive sciences in genetic management”, web:

March 25 – Dr. Kristine Grayson-Dattelbaum (Host: Dr. Derek Johnson) – Virginia Commonwealth University – “Sex ratio bias and extinction risk in tuatara, an endemic New Zealand reptile”

April 1 – Nathaniel B. Weston (Host: Dr. Scott Neubauer), Department of Geography and the Environment, Villanova University,

April 8 – Tentative: Deane Bowers (Host: Karen Kester), University of Colorado, Title: TBA: web:

April 15 –Brian Langerhans (Host: James Vonesh); “Predictable evolution and ecological speciation in Gambusia fishes”, web:

April 22 – Scott Ensign (Host: Dr. Paul Bukaveckas) USGS. Title: TBA; web:

April 29 – Daniel S. Gruner (Host: James Vonesh), Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology, University of Maryland, “Interactions of invasive rats and endemic birds shape canopy arthropod communities in volcanically isolated forest fragments”,,,