Nadia Pablo

Bills, tours and a shoutout in the House: Nadia Pablo’s Capitol Hill internship

Last summer — after two semesters at Virginia Commonwealth University and a chance encounter with an old friend from her home island of Guam — Nadia Pablo began an internship on Capitol Hill, working for Rep. Madeleine Bordallo.

There, Pablo helped draft a bill to increase federal funding for special education in public schools in outlying U.S. territories. When Bordallo introduced the bill in the House of Representatives, she thanked Pablo by name.

“I had no idea,” Pablo said. “At first, before I heard my name, I thought, ‘This is so cool.’ But when she mentioned my name and then VCU, my jaw just dropped, like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is awesome.’”

VCU News has the full feature.

(Photo by Tom Kojcsich, University Marketing)