Big Ideas Phase 2

Your Big Ideas: Phase 2

Congratulations to the following faculty members, whose faculty hiring proposals were selected by the Research Advisory Committee for the next phase of our Big Ideas initiative. The proposals were selected based on their potential for impact and distinction through research and integration with education and community engagement.

McKenna Brown and Antonio Espinoza for Migration Studies: Focus Latin America

Deirdre Condit for Human Securities Studies Master Initiative

Richard Godbeer, Kathy Ingram, and Myrl Beam for Faculty Hiring Initiative in LGBTQ Studies

Puru Jena for Cluster Recruiting for Energy-Materials – Science and Technology

Jennifer Johnson for Digital Sociology Initiative

Shiv Khanna for Cluster Hires for Developing Novel Nanomaterials

Ryan Smith for Digital Humanities Initiative

Qin Wang and Yongjia Song for Cluster Hire Initiative in Big Data Science

Phase 2 focuses on Big Ideas aimed at (a) recruiting multiple faculty in focused hiring initiatives or (b) recruiting high-impact individuals. The candidates in Phase 2 have been asked to submit a more detailed outline of their proposal by November 15. An outline of the proposal guidelines can be found here.

Congratulations to everyone who was asked to submit a proposal for Phase 2, and thank you to everyone who submitted a Big Idea!