VCU has initiated a process to transition from its strategic plan, Quest for Distinction, to the development of a new strategic plan. In parallel, the College of Humanities and Sciences is moving forward with a process to further develop and clarify its strategic plan. In 2015 the College completed the process of developing a comprehensive strategic plan entitled Pathways for Transformation. Pathways for Transformation described our strategic priorities but lacked specific courses of action or benchmarks for success. One of our goals in revising the plan is to add more concrete goals and measures.

Our process will include a review of our comprehensive plan, clarification of our strategic priorities, identification of strategies for success, establishment of a course of action, and development of key performance measures. Our revised strategic plan will provide a common understanding of our priorities, goals, and definitions of success. The plan will integrate with VCU’s Mission, Vision and new Strategic Plan. Most importantly, the College will have a plan that provides a transparent path to move forward with a budget redesign that will support our role as the intellectual lifeblood of the university.

The process of developing a strategic plan will be initially coordinated by our Steering Committee. This committee will be charged with examining our Pathways for Transformation comprehensive plan; evaluating input from our faculty, staff, students, and alumni regarding the comprehensive plan; then identifying themes and goals; followed by the clarification of strategic focus areas (see Strategic Planning Tasks and Timeline below). The Steering Committee includes representatives from across all our academic units who can speak to our shared mission as a College of Humanities and Sciences at an R1: Doctoral University – Highest Research Activity.

Below are several documents that provide the context for our task of developing a substantive strategic plan that integrates with the new VCU Strategic Plan. Our initial task is to clearly articulate our mission, vision, and core values. In the past several years the College has produced two documents that address/present these concepts. The Pathways for Transformation comprehensive plan speaks to our broad collective mission, vision, and values. Our Case for Support, a document developed from the Pathways for Transformation plan and with input from our CHS leadership team and our Development and Alumni Relations Office, presents a summary of these organizational statements. In addition to these two documents below is the “HS-Strategic Planning Report.” This report gathered and analyzed data from our CHS stakeholders to formulate our Pathways for Transformation plan. Finally, attached is an Excel file that summarizes input from a CHS leadership retreat that included a crowd sourcing workshop to identify our priorities. The CHS Strategic Plan Steering Committee will be using all of these documents to identify ​​focus areas leading to our Strategic Plan.

The first task for the steering committee was to develop our CHS Mission, Vision, and Core Values.


VCU Employees can see the results of our Great Place Initiative survey in this folder: P:\HUMS_HAS\Great Place Initiative Survey