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Be a Judge at the 2014 VAS / VJAS Meeting

 VCU will host the 2014 Virginia Academy of Science (VAS) / Virginia Junior Academy of Science (VJAS) meeting from Tuesday May 13 through Friday May 16. The VJAS consists of presentations by high school and middle school students, organized by topic and section, and these presentations will take place on Wednesday, May 14. See below the list of the sections for middle school and then high school students. As the host institution one of the expectations, but also one of the great opportunities, of VCU is to provide judges for the VJAS papers on Wednesday, May 14. Therefore, there is a request that faculty members (regardless of rank) and advanced graduate students to please consider donating your time for this activity.

If you are willing to judge, please contact VJAS director Susan Booth at The attachment below has additional information, including the information that Susan would need from you. The local arrangement chair is Dr. Darcy Mays, Chair of the Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research, and if you have any questions about the VAS/VJAS meeting please feel free to contact him at or 828-4623.  Thanks for your time in considering this request.

Invitation to Judge the Virginia Junior Academy of Science

Middle School: Grades 7-8 ONLY

AH – Animal & Human Sciences
CS – Chemical Science
EE – Ecology & Earth Sciences
EM – Engineering & Mathematics
HB – Human Behavior
PS – Physical Science
PM – Plant Science& MicrobiologyHigh School: Grades 9-12 ONLY

BOT – Botany
CHM – Chemistry
EGR – Engineering
ENV – Environmental Science
MSC – Math, Statistics & Computer Science
MDH – Medicine & Health
MCB – Microbiology & Cell Biology
PHY – Physics
PSY – Psychology
ZOO – Zoology